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Taupo Backpacker Activities

We can book any of these activities for backpackers staying at Taupo Urban Retreat backpackers lodge for free!

Taupo Activity Operators


REACH THE HEIGHTS, FEEL THE RUSH!!! Enjoy the scenic flight over beautiful Lake Taupo and the Central Plateau. At 12000ft the green light comes on and its all GO! Dive with our highly qualified tandem masters into an amazing 45 second freefall, reaching speeds of up to 200km/hr.

Backpackers Tandem Skydiving in Taupo

Taupo Tandem Skydiving

Taupo Tandem Skydiving is the original tandem skydiving operation in New Zealand and currently the largest in the world. Exiting the plane up to 15000 feet (over one minute in freefall), backpackers have the opportunity to experience the incomparable exhilaration of free falling. A spectacular parachute ride over the stunning background of the Lake Taupo region and the snow-capped volcanoes ends the adventure.

Backpackers Tandem Skydiving over Lake Taupo

Taupo Bungy

If there is anywhere in the world where you’d choose to do your first-ever bungy jump, it would have to be Taupo. Taupo Bungy provides the ideal location for backpackers and the site is considered one of the most spectacular. At 47 metres it’s just like leaping from a 15 storey building - but of course with a bungy cord around your ankles. Go on … dare ya!!

Backpackers Bungy Jumping in Taupo

Hukafalls Jet

Hukafalls Jet, often quoted as the best jet boat ride in New Zealand, is the only jet boat operator allowed to visit the spectacular Huka Falls. Let Hukafalls Jet’s highly trained and entertaining drivers give you the experience of your holiday. If fun and thrills are on your agenda when backpacking, you can’t afford to miss this unique experience.

Taupo Backpackers on Huka Jet

Rock n’Ropes

A unique and exhilarating high ropes course catering for all participants from those with a genuine fear of heights through to the most hardened thrill seeking backpackers. You are promised an exhilarating, challenging and rewarding experience and it is rated as one of New Zealand’s top adventures.

Backpackers at a Taupo Ropes Course


Purefun is the ultimate way for backpackers to enjoy their time on Lake Taupo. From the thrill seeker extreme of parasailing on the end of a 1000ft line to jetskiing or sightseeing at speed on a fast boat experience. Discover some of the wonderful hidden treasures of Lake Taupo.

Backpackers Parasailing over Lake Taupo

Tongariro Expeditions (your original operator)

The Tongariro Crossing is often described as the best one-day hike in New Zealand. The Tongariro Crossing provides an opportunity for backpackers staying at Taupo backpackers lodges to experience some of the most scenic and active volcanic areas of the Tongariro National Park. Pick ups are available outside Urban Retreat at 5.40am and 6.20am.


Come aboard the Barbury and relax your afternoon away while sailing on Lake Taupo. Cruise around Acacia Bay, Rangitira point and the Maori rock carvings and see unique places of unspoiled natural beauty.

Backpackers sailing on the Barbury

Kayaking Kiwi

Explore Lake Taupo’s beautiful coastline while learning about the regions incredible volcanic creation and the area’s local history. Sea Kayaks will allow you to get up close to the Maori carvings with plenty of time to study their details. Take time for a swim and a cuppa before the return paddle home.

Backpackers kayaking on Lake Taupo

Canoe and Kayak

Canoe and Kayak specialize in Kayaking Tours and the most popular trip is the ‘Waikato River Discovery’- a two hour guided trip down the Waikato River. This trip has fantastic scenery and a hot pool stop. Canoe and Kayak can go more or less anywhere the backpacker wishes ...From grade 2 to grade 5.

Backpackers Canoeing on the Waikato River, Taupo

Trout Fishing with White Striker Charters

Fish and catch trout with Taupo's two most experienced charter boat operators, Richard Staines and Dan Basse, who have more than 35 years charter experience on Lake Taupo. They offer a choice of three vessels catering for up to 12 people and all boats are designed so that backpackers can fish in all weather conditions. Backpackers are welcome to bring your own food and refreshments. All boats have fully equipped galleys - cook your trout aboard!

Backpackers fishing on Lake Taupo for trout

Taupo Hot Springs

Experience the healing thermal waters in a setting of pure nature. Indulge with therapeutic spa therapies designed to soothe body and soul. Play in the warm water playground, on the dragon hydro-slide or have a game of giant chess, petanque or volleyball. Bathe away every care in the world at Taupo Hot Springs Spa.

Backpackers at Taupo Hot Springs

Wairakei Terraces

Be prepared to be greeted by the local Maori with the warmest of welcomes, who show the hospitality that has made Maori famous the world over . Backpackers will experience first hand through a mystical walkway, magnificent silica terraces, traditional carvings and a living Maori village. Be ready to sit down and enjoy an earth cooked hangi meal while being entertained by the exuberant and vibrant Waiora performing arts group.

Traditional welcome for backpackers in Taupo